OK DocuSign Redirect

CARS Protection Plus for Oklahoma Dealers

As of 2/28/2018, we can no longer accept contract submission through Docusign.

We are happy to announce our new dealer portal and online contract submission.

Our new portal is https://cars.pcrsauto.com.  If you have not yet received your login credentials, please contact our Sales department at 888-335-6838.  You can also download our Dealer Login Request form here and email it to Sales@carspp.com or fax it to 724-387-2330.

In this portal, you will be able to see the status of all contracts you have submitted.  Additionally, if you are a dealer registered for either ACH or Credit Card payments for you contract applications, you will be able to submit your contracts online through this new portal.  You can download a copy of our portal guide here.

If you have not received your credentials and need to submit a contract:

If you have not received your credentials for our new portal, you can still electronically fill out a contract.  However, this does not submit the application to CARS.  You will need to print the form, have the customer sign it, and either email it to CustomerService@carspp.com or fax it to 724-387-2344.

Fillable Contracts

Thank you for your continued support!  If you have any questions, call our Sales department at 888-335-6838.

NOTICE: All contracts (*) are formatted to be printed on 8.5in x 11in Letter size paper to ensure spacing and font sizes are not altered. Some states require minimum font sizes on consumer contracts. These documents comply with such requirements. If you print these documents on any other paper, you may violate your individual state law.