We care deeply about our customers. We ask that you read your service contract coverage, terms and conditions and maintain your vehicle in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Then, we take care of the rest, giving you the freedom to operate a pre-owned car without the worry of unpredictable expenses.

In General:

  • Read your service contract coverage, terms, and conditions.
  • Contact CARS Protection Plus at 888-335-6838 if you do not receive your ID card within 15 days of the vehicle purchase.
  • Maintain your vehicle in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
  • Do not alter or modify your vehicle.
  • Keep accurate maintenance records.
  • Notify CARS if your odometer is inoperative.

Should a failure occur:

  • Prevent further damage by not continuing to operate a vehicle with a failed/failing component.
  • Call roadside assistance at 800-418-9836 for towing (Power Train, Value Limited and Independence Service Contracts excluded).
  • Your vehicle must be at a repair facility, within the continental United States, that is open to the public during normal business hours and capable to: perform tear-down to the point of component failure, determine the cause and extent of damage, and rebuild the component if CARS deems necessary.
  • Inform the repair facility you have a service contract and instruct them to call 888-335-6838 to open a claim.
  • Require the mechanic make no repairs before receiving a CARS authorization number (authorization numbers are only good for 180 days).
  • The vehicle must remain at the repair facility until repairs are complete. CARS reserves the right to have the repairs performed at a location other than the one you have selected.
  • Depending on the plan you chose, you may be responsible to pay for: a deductible, tax on the repair, shop charges, labor difference, diagnostic and tear-down, fluids, filters, or freon. See your contract for complete details.