Ultimate Value

For additional information on applying for a CARS Protection Plus service contract speak to your dealer or call 888-335-6838. See your local dealer for details, pricing and availability.


Lubricated parts contained within the engine block; cylinder heads; intake manifold; pistons; piston rings; wrist pins; connecting rods and bearings; crank-shaft and bearings; camshaft and bearings; timing chain, guides, tensioner and gears; timing belt and timing belt tensioner; harmonic balancer; valve covers; rocker arms/shafts and bushings; intake/exhaust valves and valve springs, seats, guides, push rods and hydraulic lifters; oil pump; oil pan; serpentine belt tensioner; fly wheel; oxygen sensor; EGR valve; cam sensor; crank sensor; fuel pump; lift pump; transfer pump; fuel injectors; and factory installed turbo/supercharger. Engine block only if damaged by a covered component internal to the engine block. EGR cooler and oil cooler are not covered.


Lubricated parts contained within the transmission or transfer case housing; torque converter; bands; pump; pump housing; carrier assembly; planetary gears; chain; drums; reaction shaft; governor; valve body; servo assemblies; and transmission cooler. Transmission/transfer case only if damaged by a covered component internal to the transmission/transfer case housing.


Lubricated parts contained within the transmission or transfer case housing; main shaft; counter shaft; all gears; chain; input shaft; hub assemblies; synchronizers; shift rails; shift fork; and internal transmission bearings. Transmission/transfer case only if damaged by a covered component internal to the transmission/transfer case housing. A manual clutch and related components are not covered.


Ball joints; leaf, air and coil springs only if broken.


Lubricated parts contained within the front and rear drive axle housing; pinion bearings; wheel bearings; side carrier bearings; ring and pinion; side gears; spider gears and case; drive shaft; universal joints; constant velocity joints; and 4x4 hubs. Front or rear drive axle housing only if damaged by a lubricated part contained within the drive axle housing.


Seals, gaskets and fluids are covered only when required in conjunction with the replacement of a covered component. Additionally, cylinder head and intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks. Oil/combustion leaks are not covered.


Power steering pump/motor; gear box; rack and pinion; and high pressure lines. Steering box, rack and pump housing only if damaged by a lubricated part internal to that component


Master cylinder; wheel cylinders; calipers; ABS hydraulic components; ABS speed sensors; and ABS control module. The following components are not covered: drums; rotors; pads; linings; hoses; lines; and wiring.


Compressor; clutch; condenser; accumulator; and evaporator. Freon is only covered with a covered repair. Labor to recharge, evacuate and flush the system is not covered.


Radiator; heater core; electric cooling fan motor; water pump; fan clutch; thermostat; and recovery tank.


Starter motor; alternator; voltage regulator; distributor; ignition coils; front and rear window wiper motor; power window motors/switches; power seat motors; and power door lock actuators/switches.


The authorized time for a repair will be based on the Mitchell OnDemand labor guide. The hourly labor rate will be the repair facility’s rate up to $75.00 per hour. Should your repair facility’s rate exceed this amount, you are responsible for the difference.


The Service Contract Holder will be reimbursed $25.00 for each eight hours of Mitchell OnDemand labor guide time to repair or replace the covered component with a maximum benefit of $300.00 per claim, if proof of rental is provided. Down time, regardless of reason, is not included.


Roadside assistance provides: towing; battery service, jump start; flat-tire; fuel, oil and water delivery; and lockout assistance. Coverage is provided up to $50.00 per occurrence to the covered vehicle only. To obtain this service you must call roadside assistance at 800-418-9836.

Your coverage may vary. See your contract for specific details.



  1. Components not listed regardless of failure.
  2. Component failures that occur before CARS Protection Plus, Inc. (“CARS”) approves this Service Contract application are not covered. CARS does not warrant the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase.
  3. Any repair done without prior authorization from CARS.
  4. Vehicles that are modified or altered from the original manufacturer’s specifications, including but not limited to the following modifications: frame, suspension or body lift kits, wheels/tires (not to OEM specifications), emission system, exhaust system, engine, transmission and drive axle, regardless of when modifications or alterations were performed.
  5. Diagnostic and tear-down charges.
  6. Repairs performed due to improper diagnosis.
  7. Fluids, Freon and filters, except as previously stated.
  8. Damage resulting from any previous improper repair.
  9. Parts and labor needed to maintain your vehicle (oil, filters, etc.).
  10. Parts of the vehicle subject to regular maintenance (belts, hoses, etc.).
  11. Damage from fire and/or accident, regardless of the cause.
  12. Damage from theft.
  13. Damage from conditions of the environment, including rust and corrosion.
  14. Damage resulting from anyone altering, misusing or tampering with the vehicle, making improper adjustments or using improper fuels or fluids.
  15. Damage resulting from improperly maintaining or failing to maintain the vehicle.
  16. Damage/failure caused by carbon, sludge, water ingestion or combustion leaks.
  17. Damage/failure to a covered component caused by failure of a non-covered component.
  18. Fluid leaks and damage caused by fluid leaks.
  19. Taxes and repair facility charges.


  1. The Service Contract is between the Service Contract Holder as identified on the contract (you) and CARS (Administrator). The Service Contract is administered by CARS Protection Plus, Inc., 4431 William Penn Hwy, Suite 1, Murrysville, PA 15668, the toll free number is 888-335-6838.
  2. Coverage begins the day this application is received with payment and approved by CARS, and will last for the time period indicated, so long as you own the vehicle.
  3. Total cumulative benefits under the Service Contract will not exceed the NADA Clean Loan value at the date of the Service Contract acceptance (effective date), or the purchase price, whichever is less.
  4. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any application or Service Contract for cause as determined by CARS.
  5. An inoperative odometer, and/or odometer display, shall void the Service Contract without refund.
  6. Altered or modified vehicles are not covered and shall void the Service Contract.
  7. You are responsible for properly maintaining the vehicle in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and to protect against further damage caused by continued operation or damage from overheating.
  8. Coverage is limited to the repair or replacement of any covered component found to be defective beyond manufacturer’s specifications, including failures resulting from normal wear and tear.
  9. The failure must occur while the Service Contract is in effect and the claim must be opened during our normal business hours M-F, 9 to 4:30, EST.
  10. CARS will arrange for payment of the amount of the authorized repair, less related charges not covered by the Service Contract, less a $100.00 deductible per claim.
  11. Should you not receive notice from CARS within 15 days of the purchase of the Service Contract, contact us.
  12. You must provide your contract number when contacting CARS.
  13. CARS will not be responsible for any time lost, any inconvenience caused by the loss of use of your vehicle, the quality of the repair by the repair facility or for any other incidental or consequential damages you may have.
  14. CARS does not allow any third party to create any obligation or liability in connection with the Service Contract.
  15. The selling dealer is not an agent of CARS.
  16. Your rights, under this Service Contract, may vary from state to state. You may have other rights.
  17. This Service Contract shall be interpreted and subject to the laws of the state where the sale of the vehicle took place regardless of where a claim or mechanical failure occurs or where you reside.
  18. Venue for all disputes shall be in the state in which the Service Contract was sold.
  19. Our obligations under this contract are insured by Dealers Assurance Company (the “Insurer”), 3518 Riverside Drive, Upper Arlington, OH 43221, 800-282-8913. You are entitled to make a direct claim against the Insurer upon the failure of the Administrator/Obligor (CARS) to pay any covered claim within 60 days after a complete proof of loss has been filed with the Administrator/Obligor.
  20. You must retain all vehicle maintenance/repair records for review at the request of CARS.
  21. Coverage is superseded by any manufacturer’s warranty, TSB/factory bulletin, recall or warranty on a previous repair.
  22. CARS reserves the right to cancel the Service Contract if there has been a material misrepresentation or fraud on your part or on your behalf. In this instance no refund shall be issued.


  1. Your vehicle must be at a repair facility, within the continental United States, that is open to the public during normal business hours and capable to: perform tear-down to the point of component failure, determine the cause and extent of damage, and rebuild the component if CARS deems necessary. The vehicle must remain at the repair facility until repairs are complete. CARS reserves the right to have the repairs performed at a location other than the one you have selected.
  2. The repair facility must call CARS at 888-335-6838 to open a claim before any repairs have begun.
  3. A proper diagnosis shall include tear-down to the point of component failure, performed by the repair facility, to determine the cause of failure and the extent of damage. You are responsible for all charges relating to the tear-down and diagnosis of the vehicle.
  4. If CARS inspects the vehicle and it is not disassembled to allow verification of the cause and extent of the failure, you will be responsible for all re-inspection costs.
  5. The repair facility must provide CARS with an estimate and obtain an authorization number before any repairs have begun.
  6. CARS has the right to select and/or supply used, rebuilt or aftermarket components when authorizing repairs.
  7. If it is determined a covered component has failed and an estimate for the repairs is approved by CARS, an authorization number will be issued for the repair. The authorization number is valid for 180 days from the date issued. After 180 days the authorization number and claim are void. No invoice will be processed without a valid authorization number, your signature, repair facility’s warranty on repairs (if applicable) and repair facility’s identifying information.


  1. The Service Contract is transferable, by the original purchaser of the contract, to the subsequent owner of the vehicle provided CARS receives the transfer fee of $99.00 prior to the sale of the vehicle. CARS will not transfer the contract to another vehicle or to a business.
  2. The transferred Service Contract will remain in effect for the remainder of the original period.
  3. Without the payment of the transfer fee, the Service Contract cannot be assigned and will be void at the time the vehicle is transferred.
  4. The new customer is responsible for all maintenance records from the original effective date of the Service Contract.
  5. The new customer will not be eligible for a refund.


  1. There is no credit for early termination except if the vehicle is declared a total loss by the carrier insuring the vehicle or if the vehicle is repossessed by the lien holder as stated.
  2. If you are eligible for a refund, CARS shall refund to the dealer or lienholder a portion of the amount received by CARS for your Service Contract on a monthly prorated basis, less a service fee (not to exceed $50.00), as long as no claims have been made against the vehicle.
  3. If a vehicle is altered or modified after purchase and if a claim has been made or paid, the Service Contract is cancelled and no refund shall be issued.
  4. If the Service Contract is financed, you have the right to cancel the contract within the first 20 days by providing a written request to cancel for a full refund of the amount received by CARS for the Service Contract, less any claims paid. The refund shall be paid to the lien holder. After 20 days, you have the right to cancel the Service Contract at anytime by providing a written request to cancel. The lien holder will be refunded a monthly prorated refund of the amount received by CARS for the Service Contract, less a service fee (not to exceed $50.00), less any claims paid.